What Are Contraceptives That Can Protect You From A Std ?

What Are Contraceptives That Can Protect You From A Std ?

There are several methods of contraception currently in use. The most common are birth control pills, vaginal spermicides, contraceptive patches, the vaginal ring and several devices loosely classified as barrier methods, of which there are five in all.

          These are the male condom, the female condom, diaphragm, cervical cap and sponge. The objective of these contraceptives is to keep apart the egg and the sperm. Barrier methods have few adverse reactions, usually only an irritation or allergic side effect to the material of the product or the lubricant or spermicide used with them.

          However, one of the most common questions is what are contraceptives that can protect you from an STD? Of all the methods of contraception, only one -- the latex condom worn by the male -- is deemed very effective in offering protection against STDs, especially HIV. The female condom does offer some protection but in no way compares with the effectiveness of the male latex condom.

         Some spermicides, vaginal jellies, foams, gels and suppositories offer some protection from certain STD’s in addition to their main purpose of that of a contraceptive. They are not recommended for use solely as a protection from STD’s.

         The male latex condom or sheath is made from latex rubber and encloses the penis during sex containing the male sperm within its enclosure. Latex, because of the density of its structure, provides an effective and satisfactory barrier to very small viruses even those as small as HIV and hepatitis B.

         Care has to be exercised when using the latex condom lest it be punctured or damaged in any way. Each condom has only a single usage after which is has to be disposed off.

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What Are Contraceptives That Can Protect You From A Std