Spermicide Allergy Symptoms In Women

Spermicide Allergy Symptoms In Women

Women are more at the risk of developing urinary tract infection due to the use of spermicides.  These infections have been linked with use of a diaphragm with spermicide. The study is to compare how different spermicide formulations like suppositories, creams, jellies, sponges, foams, and films are, when used alone.

There is a sign of allergy that leads to the risk of infections.

The bacteria that exist naturally in the vagina, which are actually good, are more susceptible to being killed off by these low concentrated spermicides. This poses a big problem as the bacteria that actually cause infection are left behind to establish colonies leading to infection.

The chemical nonoxynol-9 within the spermicide destroys the sperm, preventing it from fertilizing an egg. Symptoms of allergy start developing with the frequent use of spermicides containing nonoxynol-9. Allergy in women is usually in the form of irritation. So if irritation of the vagina or penis develops, it is better to discontinue using the spermicide and consult the physician.

Spermicide and lubricants frequently used with condoms can trigger some intimate allergies. The symptoms of intimate allergies include localized reactions other than swelling, burning, itching, pain, redness or blistering of the genitals. These intimate allergies can affect sperm’s ability to move and this may inhibit fertilization.

The other spermicide allergy symptoms in women include nasal congestion, sneezing, swelling around the eyes or itchiness over the entire body. Hives and wheezing are also some symptoms besides anaphylactic shock including swelling in the throat and breathing difficulties. However, these symptoms of allergy are not as common.

Hence, one should use spermicide after giving it a serious thought as the side effects may outweigh its benefits.

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Spermicide Allergy Symptoms In Women