Alternative To Dental Implant

Alternative To Dental Implant

A dental implant is used to replace the missing tooth. Typically in some accident or due to trauma, people lose a tooth or a few teeth. These missing teeth leave gaping gaps in the teeth line.

It is pretty embarrassing for people not to have a tooth when they smile. So, a dental implant may seem like the perfect solution where an artificial tooth is made and fixed to the jaw permanently. The artificial tooth looks as good as the natural teeth.

However, the only draw back with this kind of a set up is that it can get very expensive.So, many people wonder if there are any cheaper alternatives to dental implants. The answer is yes. There are cheaper alternatives, and they are dental bridges and dentures.

Dentures are a removable option and perhaps the cheapest alternative to a dental implant. The dentures are made out of plastic and also include a gum. There are full dentures and partial dentures available. For people, who have lost all their teeth, full dentures can be the best option. Also, it is easy to remove and can be cleaned well. It is also easier to maintain dentures.

Partial dentures are for people who have lost few of their teeth, but in a single continuous row. If there are three to four teeth missing continuously, then partial dentures is ideal option.

Dental bridges are ideal if there is one tooth missing between two teeth. A bridge is installed and porcelain crown is placed in the place of the missing tooth. A bridge is more of a lasting solution than a denture. However, it is also slightly more expensive than the dentures.

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Alternative To Dental Implant