wHow Dental Implants Work ?

How Dental Implants Work ?

Dental implants are the ideal replacements for your missing teeth. A person might have lost a tooth or a couple of teeth in an accident or due to tooth decay. That does not mean that you have to live toothless, or settle for something less all your life.

Dental implants are permanent solutions, and they are as good as having natural teeth. They function exactly like the normal teeth and also look like them. However, dental implants do not suit everyone, and one should always check with their dentist if they are fit enough to have a dental implant.There are some criteria to be satisfied for a dental implant.

First of all, you should have strong jaw bones to have a dental implant. The procedure of a dental implant involves drilling into the jaw bone and fixing the tooth using metal screws. That is how it is made into a permanent fixture. The dentist would be installing the dental implant under local anesthesia. First the dentist would be removing a part of the tissue in the gums, and then start drilling into the jaw bone.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth. They can be used to replace several missing teeth also. They are also used as an anchor to fix dental bridges. They can also make the rest of the teeth stable. Having so many functionalities does not make the dental implants cheap. They can be very expensive in spite of an insurance plan covering some of the costs.

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How Dental Implants Work