How To Get Insurance To Pay For Dental Implants ?

How To Get Insurance To Pay For Dental Implants ?

A dental implant procedure is something that replaces a lost tooth, and insurance companies do not consider it to be a medical procedure. Basically, medical procedures are the ones which are considered essential for carrying on with life in a healthy manner.

Unfortunately a missing tooth is not considered as a viable enough reason to be called a medical procedure. It is viewed as a dental procedure.However, if you lost the tooth in a car collision or a trauma or an accident, the reconstruction of the tooth may be paid by the medical insurance plan as it will be viewed as a medical procedure. However, it has to be done immediately as part of the medical treatment.

So, the bad news is that in most of the cases, medical insurance will not cover the dental implant procedure, leave alone the cost of the implants.

If you are losing a tooth due to tooth decay, it is a dental problem and not health problem. So it will not be considered by regular insurance companies. Also, even a dental insurance will not cover because it is not an essential process. In fact, there is no way that anyone can justify a dental implant unless it was apart of an accident or trauma and as a result you have been suffering. Also, if there was damage to your jaw or tooth, it should be mentioned in your accident case sheet. Only then can you get your insurance company to look at the dental claims.

In the best case scenario, an insurance company may cover the hospital procedure costs, but not the implant costs. The direct costs of the implants are to be paid by the patient only.

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How To Get Insurance To Pay For Dental Implants