Cleaning Stained Dentures

Cleaning Stained Dentures

When you have dentures, you have to learn how to maintain them too. Dentures can be removed everyday when you go to bed. It is very important to maintain your dentures clean so that your mouth does not get infected or start smelling.

While using dentures, they may get stained because of the food you eat. So, you need to brush them for effective stain removal. Also, do this as an everyday practice for hygiene reasons. Use regular toothpaste to clean away stuck food particles everyday.

You have to soak the dentures overnight. When you soak them, it removes all the stains and also left over food particles if any. You can use effervescent tablets to soak them. Alka Seltzer tablets are also good in cleaning dentures. Denture cleaning powder is be available in most local stores and this can be added to water as per the instructions on the label.

If your dentures are stained badly, try using vinegar to remove the stains. Vinegar does a good job of removing stains.

There are several home remedies to maintain your dentures. Table salt and baking soda are good for stain removal. However, make sure you clean your dentures thoroughly and wash them before wearing it.

Dentures replace your teeth so they have the same functions as your teeth. Take care of them like you would take care of your natural teeth. Replacing dentures periodically will not be required if you put in effort everyday in cleaning them. Also, maintain one single container for soaking your dentures. Use a plastic container regularly and dispose the water in the morning. Make sure the container is dry and germ-free.

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Cleaning Stained Dentures