Different Types Of Removable Dentures

Different Types Of Removable Dentures

Most dentures are of the removable kind only. There are two main kinds of dentures based on need. One is the partial kind of dentures, and the other is full dentures.

Among these two basic types, there are several models available. Both partial and full dentures are removable dentures.If they have to be fixed permanently, then they would be called implants. However, partial dentures come in conventional and precision models. The conventional model of dentures is simple in construction.

Even in this variety, it can be made using advanced materials or basic materials. These dentures are made to order, and they fix inside the mouth with the help of clasps. If you go in for a higher end model, then the teeth will last long and also will not get chipped or cracked on prolonged usage. However, the most basic variety may not last very long.

The precision models of dentures come with advanced technology and hence, they are very expensive. There are different levels of precision models like mid-precision and super-precision. These dentures have clips and clasps that interlock inside the mouth, and cannot fall out that easily. Also, with the precision models, one can start using the denture immediately with ease because they can adjust to it without any hassles.

Full dentures straight away cost you double the amount of partial dentures. However, if you have lost all your teeth, then there is no choice but to have full dentures.

Remember, having full or partial dentures is based on the need, and your dentist would be the best person to tell you what type of dentures you need.

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Different Types Of Removable Dentures