How Do I Get My Dentures To Stay In ?

How Do I Get My Dentures To Stay In ?

Making the dentures is a long drawn process, and every dentist would go ahead with the final set of dentures only after making sure that the trial model fits perfectly.

If the dentures are not made to fit perfectly, then they will keep falling out; and that is why it takes so long to make them. Getting it right is everything in making dentures. However perfectly the dentures are made, some people find it very difficult to get them to stay in. While talking or eating, the dentures tend to fall out, and this can put you in an embarrassing situation.

There are different kinds of dentures that come in convenient models. The basic dentures would come with clasps and actually can fall out frequently in spite of the clasps. One should always fix the dentures in such a way until they hear the clasp clicking. The click sound is not that easy because most of the times the dentures do not fix in.

The best way to fix the dentures is to follow some simple steps. It must be a usual practice to soak the dentures throughout the night. Do not try to fix the dentures directly when it is wet. Dry it out with a towel, or let it dry outside for some time and then try fixing it in the mouth. Sometimes, when the dentures are wet, they do not slide in properly, and may not lock in as a result.

If you have problems consistently with your dentures not sitting properly, then you can go for something that has an interlocking clasp, which is expensive as it is considered to be a high end model.

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How Do I Get My Dentures To Stay In