How To Fix Dentures ?

How To Fix Dentures ?

Dentures, depending on the model, can get very expensive. In old age, it becomes almost inevitable to have dentures as the teeth keep going one by one.

When you have a set of dentures, problems are also inevitable. Sometimes, they get cracked or chipped. Just because you have one small crack or a small chipped part, you cannot dispose off the dentures. They are pretty expensive to replace. However, the crack or chipped part does look bad when you smile. So, the best possible solution for this is to fix the dentures.If you want to repair a small part, then use Crazy glue. Have one handy all the time. If you have chipped teeth, then put some crazy glue on the chip and hold it pressed down for a few seconds. This should do the trick. Also, if your dentures have a broken body, you can still use the glue to fix it. However, the important thing is to let the glue dry completely. Once you have attached the tooth using the glue, leave it alone until it dries out completely.

Keep a denture repair kit hardly at any time. The kit will have some identical pieces for the dentures like a small white color strip and glue. The kit is helpful because if the tooth chips, then you can cut a small strip of white and use the glue to stick it to the chipped part. Similarly, you can also fix the cracks. Also, the denture repair kit will have some replacement teeth and you can use when the need arises.  

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How To Fix Dentures