How To Take Care Of Dentures ?

How To Take Care Of Dentures ?

When you have dentures, you need to take care of them just like you would take care of your natural teeth. Dentures are expensive, and if you do not care for them, you will have the constant need of replacing them every few years.

One of the most common damages to dentures occurs when they fall out. Brush the dentures every single day to remove all the food particles and plaque. This helps to prevent stains from forming on it. If you do not brush them everyday, then the stains will become permanent. Also, your mouth will emit a foul odor.

Wash your dentures with mild soap like dishwashing liquid or hand soap. Also, use mild toothpaste to clean the dentures. If you use an abrasive one, then it might scratch and damage the dentures permanently. Keep washing the dentures with denture cleaners on a regular basis. Keep one bottle of solution and use it to clean the dentures at least once a week.

During the nights, without fail, keep your dentures in cold water. This keeps the denture from drying out and losing their shape. It is very important that your dentures do not lose their shape because they have to fit you as long as you have them. If the dentures have metal parts, then ask your dentists about how to care for them. By soaking, the metal parts may get tarnished.

Never adjust your dentures by yourself. Always contact the dentist for this purpose. You could damage the dentures if you adjust them yourself. Also, do remember to clean your mouth whenever you remove the dentures.

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How To Take Care Of Dentures