How Dentist Makes Gold Teeth ?

How Dentist Makes Gold Teeth ?

Some people prefer having at least one gold tooth for different reasons. Some do it to show off, while others do it to have lasting teeth. A dentist is the person who will make gold teeth for you, and you have to order it when the need for it arises.

The dentist first takes the impression of the tooth, and then determines the size using the mold.He then tries out the mold, and if it fits in exactly, the final tooth is set in gold.Within gold teeth, you can have gold plated teeth, gold tooth caps and also the entire tooth made of gold.

Gold is a lasting material, and also not prone to damage. Gold also has several minerals that are good for health. Keeping all these aspects in mind, several people opt for a gold tooth in spite of it being very expensive.

When you visit the dentist, he or she will ask you to bite the wax imprint model to get the bite marks. The gold tooth would be made exactly to create the same bite mark. When a gold tooth is fixed, the dentist will put in grills to make it permanent. A gold tooth, in all probability, is fixed permanently so that it cannot fall off or be swallowed accidentally.

A gold tooth can be made out of three varieties of gold. 14K, 18K and 22K are mostly used to make the gold tooth. The 22K is the most expensive of all as it has more percentage of pure gold in it.

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How Dentist Makes Gold Teeth