Mri And Teeth Gold Cap

MRI And Teeth Gold Cap

MRI means magnetic resonance impression, and this advanced procedure uses high magnetic fields to decipher the bones and soft tissue in the body.

Any metal that interferes with the magnetic field is not safe to have in your body while undergoing a MRI scan. If you have a metal or gold tooth in your mouth and have to undergo a MRI scan, then you should tell the radiologist about it.

However, the time of exposure also matters. If you are going to be inside the MRI scan machine for a long time, then it is better you discuss your options. Modern MRI scans takes only a few minutes. However, the duration of the scan depends on the purpose.

Gold is a flexible material which typically does not interfere with any magnetic field. It does not get attracted or repulsed by a magnet, and usually behaves as a neutral substance. The problem may not arise with the gold tooth but the other metal support. The screws attached to the tooth may cause a problem during the scan.

A MRI scan is a complicated procedure, and the radiologists need to know about the prior procedures if you have had any. Even other kinds of bone implants, if any, should be disclosed in the MRI scan form. Because of the nature of the scan, you should not endanger your life by hiding any facts. Tooth implants are the most common and also forgotten aspect by several people. When it comes to MRI scan you should make sure that you mention the dental work done on your teeth.

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Mri And Teeth Gold Cap