Natural Cure For Dry Mouth

Natural Cure For Dry Mouth

When a problem arises with the salivary glands, the outcome is reduced production of saliva. This results in a dry mouth. A dry mouth could be the effect of radiation and chemotherapy treatment, or a host of other drugs for treatment of.

It is difficult to speak or swallow when the mouth is dry. Dryness can also have an adverse effect on oral health.

At one time a dry mouth was believed to be the result of aging, which is a myth. Healthy old people produce as much saliva as young adults.

Herbal supplements help a dry mouth two ways. It reduces the inflammation that might have set in and also stimulates the salivary glands to increase the rate of salivation.

Prickly ash tincture, in volumes of 10 to 20 drops in a quarter cup of water, should be drunk several times a day. It is effective in the simulation of saliva. Oral irritation is also prevented with this herb.

Tea made out of slippery elm can be prepared and drunk when needed. It greatly reduces discomfort in the mouth.

Drink or sip water to keep the mouth moist. It is better to sip every now and then, rather than have a glass at a time.

Some foodstuffs are best avoided. Sugary snacks, caffeinated drinks, alcohol and use of tobacco are a no-no.

Sugarless chewing gum can be taken. A mild amount of saliva is produced when chewing.

A dry mouth brings about plaque formation. Plaque should be controlled with a tongue cleaner.

There are instances where acupuncture treatments increase salivation. For maximum benefit acupuncture should be accompanied with consumption of pilocarpine, a herb-derived drug.

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Natural Cure For Dry Mouth