Can Periodontal Disease Be Minimized By Calcium Supplements ?

Can Periodontal Disease Be Minimized By Calcium Supplements ?

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is considered to be potentially more risky than heart disease or a stroke, not to mention the risk of tooth loss. Calcium supplements significantly lower the rate of gum disease.

They are important for prevention of osteoporosis, which is also associated with tooth loss. It is needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscle contraction. It not only helps prevent osteoporosis but also tooth loss through gum disease. Pre and post menopausal women generally are among those that are at a higher risk for osteoporosis.

Habits like smoking and chewing tobacco also lead to periodontal diseases. Certain chronic illness such as diabetes, stress, poor oral hygiene and heredity are further reasons that can lead to periodontal diseases.  Calcium is a good preventive to gum disease, even if people are not the born with the best of dental genes.

There are various types of calcium supplements in the market.  It is important to pay attention to the type of intake since some dissolve and can be used by the body, while some others require stomach acid for absorption and may not be absorbed at all.  The different types of calcium include calcium citrate, carbonate, dolomite, coral, gluconate and lactate.  Calcium citrate is the easiest to absorb. It can be taken even on an empty stomach since it doesn’t require high amounts of acid to dissolve. Some prefer the natural form, dolomite, but this can be hazardous as it is found that it does not dissolve in stomach acid and is eliminated before it can be used by the body. Coral calcium must be avoided as a number of health claims have been raised about it.

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Can Periodontal Disease Be Minimized By Calcium Supplements