Toothache Relief Before Root Canal

Toothache Relief Before Root Canal

A toothache is one of the worst kinds of pain imaginable. Tooth pain can mean any sort of soreness, pain or discomfort around a tooth, accompanied with swelling, inflammation and redness. One of the main causes of pain in the tooth is infection, so obviously avoiding infection by practicing good oral hygiene habits is the first line of defense.

A cavity or infection exposes and affects the nerves in the soft pulp of the tooth resulting in one of the commonest causes of tooth pain. This infection may result in an abscess. An abscess could manifest itself as a gum boil around the tooth which will cause unbearable pain.

Several other, apparently unrelated, medical conditions can cause pain in the teeth. Two such are fibromyalgia and malaria.

There are several remedies that can give relief before a root canal treatment. Some of these are:

  • Painkillers such as Brufen, Neurofen, Paracetemol or Codein.
  • Morphine based medicines like Endone, Oxycontin. Oxynorm and Proadone are more effective.
  • More traditional methods of obtaining relief are oil of cloves, creosote, chloroform, laudanum. A few drops of one of these should be applied to a piece of surgical cotton wool and placed near the infected tooth.
  • Pain from a root abscess can be controlled by applying an equal mixture of tincture of iodine and tincture of aconite on the gum of the infected area.
  • Clamping a pod of garlic near the infected area gives relief till root canal treatment.

But these are palliatives and not cures; and no substitute for visiting a dentist.

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Toothache Relief Before Root Canal