Diet And Curing Tooth Decay

Diet And Curing Tooth Decay

Dentists have been saying for a very long time that if you want to protect your teeth from tooth decay, then you have to pay attention to your diet. In fact, diet has a great effect on the structure of the tooth and it can also work towards curing tooth decay.

There is evidence that teeth have the ability to heal themselves provided they receive the correct nutrients. Studies have shown that many traditional cultures often hardly had any tooth decay even though the people had worn out teeth.

If your diet is poor, the enamel of the tooth will be poorly formed and ultimately it will wear away allow decay to set in. However, if diet is good and adequate, the enamel will be able to rebuilt itself and thereby preventing tooth decay.

One of the key members who was responsible for curing tooth decay was Dr Weston Price. He fed underprivileged children a highly nutritious diet and found that their dental health improved after the consumption of this diet. Though X-rays, he was able to show the world the before and after effects of the diet, which promoted recalcification of the teeth that had cavities.

If you are wondering about diet and curing tooth decay, remember your diet has to be high in minerals, rich in fat-soluble vitamins and very low in phytic acid. Your daily diet should consist of the following foods in order to cure tooth decay.

  • Animal foods like meat, animal organs, fish, bone broth, full fat dairy products and eggs
  • Fermented grains. Do not eat unfermented grains like crackers, breakfast cereals and oatmeal. The only exception to this rule is bread but do not eat bread made from sourdough.
  • Never eat nuts. However, you can eat little beans provided you have soaked them overnight in warm water.
  • Starchy vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • Fruits in moderation
  • Well cooked vegetables in moderation
  • No refined sweets
  • Lots of pasteurized butter
  • No processed foods
  • Get enough of sunlight
  • Eat cod liver oil or Vitamin D3 supplements

The above mentioned diet will ensure that there is maximum absorption of minerals and fat soluble vitamins. Just by eating one or two meals a day of the above diet will help you cure tooth decay.

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Diet And Curing Tooth Decay