Does Sugar Free Hard Candy Promote Tooth Decay ?

Does Sugar Free Hard Candy Promote Tooth Decay ?

There is no a single person on this earth who does not love the taste of candy. However, most of us know that candy contains the forbidden ingredient -- sugar -- that is responsible for tooth decay, so we try to curtail our consumption.

However, even then we end up getting tooth decay. But what about sugar free candy? Does sugar free hard candy promote tooth decay like the normal candy?

Sugar free hard candy is being touted as the best candy for diabetics, people who yearn for candies and children whose parents do not allow them to eat candies with the fear of tooth decay. No doubt that sugar free hard candy does not have sugar so it goes a long way of preventing cavities. However, the fact that it is hard, it stays in the mouth for a longer duration than soft candy. In addition, biting and chewing on sugar free hard candy can lead to chipping and breaking of teeth. It is this aspect of the candy that is frightening.

The moment you chip or break a portion of your tooth, you are creating space for the plaque forming bacteria. These bacteria enter the chip or the broken portion of the tooth where they release acids as these areas cannot be cleaned that well with brushing. It is this acid that ends up eating the enamel and leading to tooth decay.

Therefore, directly the sugar free hard candy does not cause tooth decay but if it ends up breaking or chipping your tooth, you may end up with tooth decay. In addition, you end up sucking on lemon flavored sugar free hard candy, you will be turning your saliva acidic and this will increase the risk of tooth decay.

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Does Sugar Free Hard Candy Promote Tooth Decay