Can Tissue Grow Around Food After Wisdom Teeth Are Pulled ?

Can Tissue Grow Around Food After Wisdom Teeth Are Pulled?

After a wisdom tooth extraction, your doctor will warn you about keeping the wound clean and informing you not to chew food on the side of the extraction. And, after eating you should rinse out your mouth with salt water solution to get rid of all the food debris that might have enter the wound.

Many people wonder why this is necessary. Can tissue grow around food after wisdom teeth are pulled?

The problem lies with the food debris. If the food enters the wound site and the wound is healing, yes, tissue can grow around it. However, it will lead to the formation of something known as abscess. An abscess is formation of pus due to bacterial infection. When the food debris enters the site of the extraction and tissue grows over it, the body's immune system knows that the debris are foreign particles. The immune system starts fighting the foreign particle and this results in the formation of pus, which is a mixture of live and dead white blood cells, enzymes, destroyed cells and tissues. And as pus forms inside the gum, there is no place for it to drain and it ends up turning into an abscess.

People with lowered immunity are more prone to developing abscess after wisdom teeth extraction. Initially, they will experience pain, which can become quite severe. If left untreated, the infection burrows through the gum and is visible as a boil. This boil can rupture in the mouth. However, once it does rupture and the food particles and pus are released, the pain will decrease dramatically and the healing process will start. But you should still visit a dentist to ensure that everything is okay.

If the abscess is unable to drain itself, the infection can become serious and spread to other parts of the body, namely head and neck. This condition can be life threatening.

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Can Tissue Grow Around Food After Wisdom Teeth Are Pulled