Can You Die From Infected Wisdom Tooth ?

Can You Die From Infected Wisdom Tooth ?

There are many people who have wisdom tooth extracted each year but according to surveys and studies, it has been reported that many dentists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons do not warn patients about the associated risks. Although complications are rare, they do occur.

In addition, even complications can set in before the extraction of a wisdom tooth. It could get severely infected. So, if you are wondering can you die from infected wisdom tooth, the answer is yes. There have been cases, though rare, of people dying due to an infected wisdom tooth.

Statistics reveal that there is one death in every 400,000 cases to 1.75 million cases. And people should be made aware of this fact. When infection sets in, it is usually present around the crown of the teeth and it causes the gum to get inflamed and painful. However, if the infected is not tackled with antibiotics, it can spread to the cheek, throat or neck. Severe infection can result in death.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing when a wisdom tooth will get infected. An impacted wisdom tooth can lie dormant for years without causing any problems. However, when the problems arise, it is usually unexpected and the pain is extremely severe. This is the reason why dentists advice that impacted wisdom tooth should be removed. However, if you are having an infection, the surgical removal will not be possible until the infection subsides and you are pain and fever-free.

The wisdom tooth is the last tooth to appear and it is also the most difficult to brush and clean. Many times food debris gets stuck under the flap of an partially emerged tooth and this is the main reason for infection setting.

If you have an infected wisdom tooth, you should not take the matter lightly. Immediately consult your doctor and get antibiotics prescribed to fight the infection.

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Can You Die From Infected Wisdom Tooth