Can You Pull Wisdom Tooth At Home ?

Can You Pull Wisdom Tooth At Home ?

Many people who do not have dental insurance keep wondering whether they can pull a wisdom tooth at home. While it may seem like a good idea to you to pull your wisdom tooth at home, it can actually be a very dangerous thing to attempt.

So, can you pull a wisdom tooth at home? No, you cannot and the reason for this is very simple -- the structure of the tooth does not allow it to be pulled at home.

The tooth is embedded in the jaw bone and when it comes to an impacted wisdom tooth, surgeons remove it by cutting the gum and the bone. And if you try to remove a wisdom tooth at home, you may end up fracturing your jaw bone which will then require you to spend a whole lot of money for surgery just to remove the fracture pieces or mend the jaw bone. That is why wisdom tooth cannot be removed at home and you have to undergo a surgery for its removal.

There could be another scenario where your wisdom tooth is completely decayed and it is loose. You might feel that it is possible to take a pair of pliers and yank out the tooth. However, even then it is not possible for you to remove the tooth at home. First, the pain will be extremely excruciating and secondly the nerve may not be death and it might be possible to save the tooth through root canal. And should you still try, you could bleed profusely and sometimes excessive bleeding can cause death.

If you do not have dental insurance or the money for a wisdom tooth extraction, never attempt to remove it at home. Instead there are many avenues available that can help you. You can contact your local dental association and ask them for some charitable organization that extract wisdom tooth at a low cost; you can get in touch with a dental school in your city and the treatment offered here is by dental students under the supervision of their teachers and the cost is also low; or you could get a dental discount plan with reasonable membership fees that will facilitate the tooth extraction.

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Can You Pull Wisdom Tooth At Home