How Long To Leave Gauze In Mouth After Wisdom Tooth Removal ?

How Long To Leave Gauze In Mouth After Wisdom Tooth Removal ?

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth, the dentist will always recommend that you remove it. However, many people are afraid of the surgery that is required to remove the tooth due to many reasons. However, the most common reason for the fear is the pain and bleeding that occurs after the surgery.

Usually the dentist is the best person to tell you whether you should be worried about your impacted wisdom tooth or not. Not everyone faces problems but those who do are always advised to have the tooth extracted.

In order to extract the wisdom tooth, the dental surgeon has to cut open the gum and bone to remove the impacted tooth. Once the tooth is removed, the gum is sown back into place with the help of stitches. It goes without saying that you will have moderate to light bleeding after the surgery. To control the bleeding, a pressure gauze is inserted into the mouth. And normally the bleeding subsides in a few hours. However, until the bleeding does not stop, you will need to keep the gauze in your mouth and change it every 15 minutes without fail. You should also be prepared to have blood stained saliva for the next two to three days.

The pressure gauze is made from damp folded sterile gauze and will be placed over the wound and you will have to put pressure on it by biting it firmly. It is important that the gauze stays in place as it controls the bleeding and aids in clot formation.

So, how long to leave the gauze in your mouth after a wisdom tooth removal? You would have to leave the gauze until the bleeding stops. But, as mentioned earlier, the gauze has to be changed every 15 minutes. In most people the bleeding stops in a couple of hours once the clot is formed and you should not do anything that will dislodge the clot as it can cause you to start bleeding again or result in an extremely painful condition known as dry socket.

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How Long To Leave Gauze In Mouth After Wisdom Tooth Removal