What Is Prescribed Pain Killer To Wisdom Tooth Removal ?

What Is Prescribed Pain Killer To Wisdom Tooth Removal ?

Wisdom teeth typically erupt during late teens and early twenties and majority of people end up having them extracted as the teeth tend to be impacted. The impaction occurs due to insufficient space in the jaw to accommodate four extra teeth.

This can cause the teeth to grow sideways and put pressure on the adjoining molars, erupt partially or stay deep within the jaw bone and gums causing the roots to get misshapen.

However, the fact remains that all people who have their wisdom teeth extract suffer from pain after the removal. The surgery is done under anesthesia or IV sedation and the wound is sutured. The person ends up having post-op bleeding, swelling and stiff jaw muscles, which makes opening of the mouth difficult.

So, what is the prescription pain killer one should take after wisdom tooth removal? The most common prescription pain killer that dentists give after wisdom tooth removal is codeine. Usually codeine is combined with acetaminophen and helps to reduce the pain in less than 20 minutes.

Other prescription pain killers that you maybe prescribed are hydrocodone or oxycodone. Hydrocodone causes drowsiness and that is why it is advised that patients get someone to stay with them after the surgical removal of the tooth. If the pain is too much, vicodin is prescribed and this is considered safe as unlike other hydrocodones, it does not cause gastric irritation and burning.

The strongest prescription pain killer is oxycodone and is only prescribed if other painkillers do not work or have effect. This too causes drowsiness.

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What Is Prescribed Pain Killer To Wisdom Tooth Removal