Is There Any New Medicine For Viral Cardiomyopathy

Is There Any New Medicine For Viral Cardiomyopathy ?

Viral cardiomyopathy is caused due to viral infection which leads to extreme inflammation of the heart muscles.

In the United States, viral cardiomyopathy is most commonly caused by coxsackie B virus but in other parts of the world, it can be caused by other viral infections.

With you get viral cardiomyopathy, it affects your heart muscles. The muscles get weak and to compensate for this weakness, the muscles stretch causing dilation of the heart. That is why viral cardiomyopathy is also known as dilated cardiomyopathy.

Usually 70 percent of people diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy die within 5 years of their symptoms showing. The condition becomes worse as the heart keeps stretching to be able to pump blood and therefore, the function deteriorates. When the stretching cannot help the heart to pump blood, heart failure sets in. That is why people who suffer from viral cardiomyopathy want to know if there is any new medicine for the condition.

So, is there any new medicine for viral cardiomyopathy? Well, in November 2008 the American Heart Association informed that patients suffering from viral cardiomyopathy can get some benefits from being given interferon beta-1b, also known as IFNβ-1b.

Based on the clinical trials conducted, the research has shown that the inflammation of the heart can reduce in some patients who are given interferon beta-1b and some cases the viral infection can disappear. However, as mentioned that the clinical trials are ongoing and only time will tell whether the treatment can benefit majority of people suffering from viral cardiomyopathy.

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Is There Any New Medicine For Viral Cardiomyopathy