Bar Girls In Thailand And Std

Bar Girls In Thailand And Std      Apart from their tremendous pristine natural wonders and glorious scenic beauties that attract millions of foreigners around the world every year, third world countries such as Thailand are also notoriously famous for their night life activities.

      Thailand has become the most coveted destination promoting sex tourism.

      One important means of sex trade in Thailand occurs in the form of bar girls. Young women are recruited into bars either as dancers or bartenders. Apart from engaging the customers in the bar, these bar girls also provide additional sexual services at a cost that varies somewhere between 500 baht to 1500 baht.

       As a result of these practices, prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other STDs has been exceptionally high among the commercial sex workers in Thailand. Most parts of Thailand even face the risk of an exploding HIV epidemic.

       However, the statistics have been kept under check during the last few years as a result of an exceptional public policy that has been effective in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS on a national scale. As a part of the public information campaign, first important step was to increase the funding for the campaign significantly. Next was to use the services of broadcasting and telecommunication means to create a public awareness. Anti-AIDS programs and messages were aired every hour on the radio and televisions. Sex education was made compulsory in the schools. 100 percent condom program was initiated where usage of condoms in all commercial sex establishments was made compulsory. Condoms were distributed free to brothels, parlors, bar girls, sex workers and even clients. Adequate treatment was provided by the government to all the people affected with the virus. Combinations of antiretroviral drugs started to be used to treat people living with HIV.

      As a result of public awareness campaign conducted in Thailand, by 2005 national HIV prevalence was down to 1.4 percent in Thailand. The number of persons visiting sex workers has decreased by half, usage of condoms has increased phenomenally and the prevalence of STDs has decreased dramatically.

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Bar Girls In Thailand And Std