Sign Of Std Irritation At The Tip Of Penis

Sign Of Std Irritation At The Tip Of Penis      A sexually transmitted disease is an infection that is acquired through sexual contact. Effective treatment against a sexually transmitted disease or a venereal disease is only possible when the disease is diagnosed early.

      An early diagnosis of the disease is only possible when one is aware of some common symptoms associated with an STD. However, most people with STDs do not exhibit any symptoms. Even if symptoms are present, they might be as general as fever, muscle pain and nausea. Characteristic symptoms of each sexually transmitted disease tend to appear when the infection has grown into a serious health complication or a disease capable of making the infected sick.

Listed below are few common symptoms that appear in men suspected to have contracted a STD.

  1. Extreme pain while urinating. One can also suspect an infection if the urine appears cloudy.
  2. Fever and body pains
  3. Abnormal discharge from the tip of the penis.
  4. Appearance of sores, blisters, rashes or warts in and around the penis and scrotum
  5. Painful swelling, itching, tenderness in the scrotum or a burning sensation
  6. Oral thrush
  7. Other symptoms include arthritis, jaundice, anal discharge and swelling in the groin.

     It is important to consult a physician as soon as one observes any of the symptoms listed above. There are more than 25 different types of pathogenic and infectious microorganisms that are sexually transmitted and capable of causing an infection. While some of the STDs can be treated effectively, others such as HPV required a prolonged treatment protocol. One major sexually transmitted disease for which no effective treatment could be found till date is HIV/AIDS.

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Sign Of Std Irritation At The Tip Of Penis