How Long Do Genital Warts Last

How Long Do Genital Warts Last ?     There is no specific treatment that can eliminate genital warts once a person gets infected. This is because genital warts are caused due to a viral infection.

     Occurrence of genital warts recurs until the body develops an immune response that is specific against the virus. Sometimes immune response may clear the virus and the warts disappear on their own.

      After a person is infected, it may take as long as five years to have the first outbreak of warts. If an infected person is a smoker or drinker, the outbreaks are likely to appear more frequently and severe. Depending on a person, gential warts outbreak may last from weeks up to years.

     Listed below are some important treatment options for genital warts.

Cryotherapy: In this, warts are frozen by using liquid nitrogen. Mechanism of action involves destruction by means of thermal-induced cytolysis.

Podopyllin Resin: A 15-25 percent solution of podophyllin resin has always been a standard treatment option for genital warts. Mode of action of podophyllin resin is mostly unknown. However, this treatment is not recommended in pregnant women.

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA): It is a caustic agent.

Electrocautery or diathermy: Using this method, warts are destroyed by means of burning them. Local anesthesia might be required while providing this therapy to patients.

Curettage or Scalpel excision: This treatment involves surgical removal of warts. Patients are likely to experience certain amount of pain. Occurrence of secondary bacterial infection is a common side effect.

Laser ablation: Laser ablation is an effective treatment option in case of internal warts that are difficult to treat. This treatment is also effective against warts that have assumed the shape of a cauliflower.

5 percent Fluorouracil Cream: 5-FU is a cytotoxic agent that is used to destroy abnormal cells.

Imiquimod Cream (Aldara): Local application of Imiquimod cream modifies cell-mediated immune response in the affected individual and induces production of interferon. Interferon is an effective anti-viral protein that induces a potent anti-viral response in the individual.

Vaccination: Vaccines against HPV can be administered for increasing the body’s immune response against the virus. These anti-viral responses are useful in removing the virus from the system.

     All the available treatment options are helpful in removing warts only. The choice of therapy for genital warts is always dependant on the number, size, location and the morphology of the lesions. Apart from these, other factors that influence treatment options include patient preference, treatment cost, convenience and the side effects associated with the treatment. It is important to consult an experienced physician in order to get treated for genital warts.

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How Long Do Genital Warts Last