If Genital Warts Appear In Pregnancy

If Genital Warts Appear In Pregnancy     Genital warts are the most common type of sexually transmitted infection in the United States caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). There are 100 different strains of HPV out of which 40 are sexually transmitted.

     These strains are capable of causing genital warts. Millions of people are affected every year due to this virus at some point of their lives. However, many of these cases go undetected because a HPV infection is asymptomatic and gets resolved on its own.

     Genital warts can be really problematic if they occur in pregnant women. Genital warts tend to grow faster at the time of pregnancy primarily due to the presence of extra vaginal discharge that provides the virus with a moist environment conducive for growth. Even the immune system of an individual seems to be suppressed during pregnancy. Some significant complications include difficulty while urinating if the warts become enlarged and reduce the ability of vaginal tissues to enlarge when the warts appear on the vaginal walls.

     The most important concern that affects pregnant women suffering with genital warts is about the possibility of transmitting the infection on to their child. The fact is that an HPV infection poses minimal threat to a child’s health during pregnancy. In certain rare circumstances, new born infants do have the chance of getting infected with HPV. These babies may develop warts in the genital way or in his or her throat. If the warts appear inside the throat, a surgical removal of warts might become necessary to prevent airway obstruction.

      Several medical practitioners prefer not to treat genital warts during pregnancy. In most cases, genital warts disappear as soon as the patient recovers her immune system after giving birth to the child. However, there are certain safe methods for reducing the growth of warts at the time of pregnancy. Warts can be treated during pregnancy by using Trichloroacetic acid or bi-chloro acetic acid (TCA or BCA). However, this treatment is recommended in case of small-sized warts. Alternatively, patients can also apply the affected area with Imiquimod cream or Aldara. Another useful therapy is laser ablation.

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If Genital Warts Appear In Pregnancy