Sex With Genital Warts

Sex With Genital Warts      Genital warts are one the most commonly occurring sexually-transmitted disease in the United States caused due of human papilloma virus.

      Thousands of cases of are registered every year since this disease is increasingly prevalent among sexually active women and men. One biggest drawback of this disease is that it does not have any cure. No treatment is available that can permanently eradicate the problem of genital warts. All the existing treatments concentrate on ways to remove the lesions that are caused by the virus. Human papilloma virus is capable of remaining alive inside the human body for a prolonged period of time without causing any infection. Genital warts in an individual are considered to have got cured only when the virus residing inside is permanently removed. This happens only when the internal immune response generates an effective anti-viral response against the virus.

     By all means, prevention is always better than cure.

      The best way to avoid any kind of STD infection including occurrence of genital warts is to practice safe sex in any relationship you are in. One can also avoid STDs by having a monogamous sexual relationship with a partner who is known to be disease-free.

      A HPV infection primarily occurs due to a skin-to-skin contact with a diseased individual at the time of having vaginal, anal or oral sex. Virus can pass from one person to the other from the skin near the warts. Most people do not even realize the occurrence of an HPV infection because this virus usually causes no symptoms. As a result, the virus spreads during a sexual contact. Hence, it is important to avoid any type of skin contact while having sex. One way of avoiding the risk of getting exposed to a HPV infection to a considerable extent is to use condoms whenever anybody has sex. One disadvantage of this method is that male or female condoms are not 100 percent safe.

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Sex With Genital Warts