Signs Of Gonorrhea In Male

Signs Of Gonorrhea In Male       Gonorrhea is a type of curable sexually transmitted disease. It is caused due to a specific type of bacteria in the body called Neisseria gonorrheae. It spreads through semen and body fluids during unprotected sexual contact with an infected partner.

      Prevalence of gonorrhea is more in women than in men. However, certain males tend to get infected with this disease. If gonorrhea  remains untreated  in males, it can result in the development of many diseases like an infection of the urethra, epididymitis, an inflammation and infection of the epididymitis, which is the long, tightly coiled tube that lies behind each testicle and collects sperm, an inflammation of the prostate gland, a higher than normal risk of getting bladder cancer.

      Few other symptoms of gonorrhea in men include a discharge from the penis, usually yellowish, painful or burning sensation while urinating. In men, symptoms are usually obvious enough that they will cause a man to seek medical attention before complications occur. Painful inflammation of the testicles, which may result in reduced fertility or sterility, white, yellow or green thick discharge from the tip of the penis, inflammation of the testicles and prostate gland, irritation or discharge from the anus, urethral itch and pain or burning sensation when passing urine are few problems which are caused in men by this diseases.

      A lot of treatment and medication is available for gonorrhea and it is safe to undergo the treatment at the right time. A delay or a casual behavior may lead to many complications later.

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Signs Of Gonorrhea In Male