Ovarian Cancer Test Prediction

Ovarian Cancer Test Prediction

Ovarian cancer is quite difficult to diagnose in the early stages and that is why most women end up being diagnosed when they are in stage III or stage IV, the advanced stages of cancer.

In 2008, in the United States, more than 21,000 women were diagnosed with the disease and out of these, 15,000 died. Therefore, any method for ovarian cancer test prediction would be welcome.

The good news is that researchers from Yale School of Medicine have managed to develop a blood test that can help in the early detection of ovarian cancer, thus helping to save lives of thousands of women. This new test is based on four proteins -- leptin, prolactin, osteopontin and insulin-like growth factor II. If the levels of any of the two proteins fall within a pre-determined range, then it is certain that the woman will get ovarian cancer.

This ovarian cancer test prediction is 95 percent accurate. Although each protein is a predictor for ovarian cancer, a lone protein alone cannot predict the cancer

Similarly, doctors in Britain have come with an ovarian cancer test prediction. This prediction involves using blood tests and ultrasound. The study involved 200,00 women who used both tests to catch ovarian cancer on time; and majority of the women were in early stages of the cancer, primarily stage I and stage II during which it can be treated and cured. The blood test is known as CA125 blood test and looks for a compound that is produced by the tumor(s) in the ovary.

At the moment, blood tests and ultrasound scans are the most effective predictors for ovarian cancer. This is good news because the cancer can be caught in the early stages when the survival rate is around 90 percent.

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Ovarian Cancer Test Prediction