How To Treat Appendicitis ?

How To Treat Appendicitis ?

Doctors often face a challenge when diagnosing appendicitis, since this disease comes with symptoms that are quite similar to those of other medical disorders. In order to confirm his suspicion, your doctor will first check for abdominal tenderness and pain, and then ask you to get these tests done -- blood, urine, chest and abdomen X rays and a CAT scan.

Once the test results are in and it has been confirmed that you are indeed suffering from appendicitis, an appendectomy will be performed to remove the inflamed appendix. An incision will be made in your abdomen by the surgeons, or they may use a laparoscope, which is an advanced surgical device that can make a tiny opening on your stomach. Intravenous fluids and antibiotics will be given to you both before and after the surgery, so as to minimize the risk of post operation complications.

If you have been advised an appendectomy, it means you should be prepared to spend 2 to 3 days in the hospital. Longer stay may be needed if the doctors want to keep you under observations while antibiotics work on eliminating the spread of bacteria. Surgery becomes unavoidable if the appendicitis is in the advanced stages, but if diagnosed quite early, the risk associated with a surgical procedure can be avoided, thanks to effective natural remedies.

A qualified naturopath will be able to help you in this matter. Many people have been cured of a case of appendicitis by natural remedies, which usually involve bed rest, hot compress on the abdomen, use of essential oils, massage and a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

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How To Treat Appendicitis