What Does Appendicitis Feel Like ?

What Does Appendicitis Feel Like ?

Abdominal pain is the prime symptom of appendicitis, with the first signs of pain usually occurring near the bellybutton, and often people misread this symptom as that of indigestion. The pain then shifts to the lower right region of the stomach, and keeps getting worse, especially when the person walks or coughs, and is often accompanied by fever.

Most people who have suffered from this condition agree that the pain is kind of difficult to describe. Some say it feels like as though they need to empty their bowels, while others say that it feels like they need to let out gas. Most patients say that the pain is bearable initially, which is another reason why they do not suspect anything more serious than a mild stomach problem due to indigestion. Doctors advise that if the pain still remains after 4 hours, medical consultation is a must, and in case of sever abdominal pain, it must be taken care of immediately.

Apart from this pain around the bellybutton, other symptoms of appendicitis are sever pain on the right side of the stomach, medically known as the lower right region, constipation, back pain, vomiting, fever and an inflamed abdomen.

Since abdominal pain is a common problem and most symptoms of appendicitis are similar to many other conditions, usually appendicitis goes untreated for a while, and then it becomes quite serious. The danger of ruptured appendicitis increases if the patient experiences the symptoms for at least twenty-four hours, without any medical attention.

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What Does Appendicitis Feel Like