Famous People That Have Crohn Disease

Famous People That Have Crohn Disease

There are a number of people, who lived normal lives even though they had Crohn's Disease, and went on to carve a niche for themselves in their chosen career fields.

To start with, there is the lovely Shannen Doherty from the hit TV series Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed. Doherty let the world know that she has this condition in the year 1999.

Legendary music band’s lead guitarist Mike McCready is next on our list of famous people with Crohn's Disease. McCready was diagnosed with this condition when he was just 21 years old.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, the thirty-fourth president of the US, is the perfect example of how a disease cannot hold a person down. Eisenhower had to go in for an emergency resection in the year 1956, which was the very same year he was elected for a second term.

Crohn’s disease made its presence felt in the body of Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Gerrard in March 2004. Gerrard had to go in for surgery in May 2004 so that his doctors could remove a blockage of his intestines.

Al Geiberger, the founder of the Mr. 59 tournament and a former professional golfer who has eleven PGA tournament titles and ten Senior PGA titles to his credit, is also a victim of Crohn’s disease. He had his colon removed in 1980.

Singer and song writer Anastacia has been suffering from Crohn’s disease since she was a teenager of thirteen, but that did not stop her from selling more than twenty five million albums all around the world.

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Famous People That Have Crohn Disease