What Foods To Avoid If I Have Crohn' s ?

What Foods To Avoid If I Have Crohn' s ?

Though there are no particular food habits to be followed to get rid of Crohn's disease, those who suffer from it must stick to a nutritious and well-balanced diet, shunning all foods that are likely to aggravate their condition.

Crohn's disease usually leads to poor appetite, as well as insufficient absorption of essential vitamins and other nutrients needed by the body. Similar to ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease is an inflammatory bowel disease and its common symptoms are diarrhea, stomach pains, loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss and fever.

Doctors recommend that those suffering from Crohn's disease eat a protein rich diet that is also loaded with calories. It is a must that you eat three meals a day, with 2 to 3 snacks in between, so that you body is guaranteed of all the nutrients it needs.

There are a few foods that usually people with Crohn's disease try to avoid, since they are known to set off one or all of the symptoms. These are foods that are too spicy or contain caffeine, sodas, fried food, butter, beans, cabbage, mayonnaise, broccoli, lentils, onions, peanut butter, raw fruits, uncooked vegetables, whole grains and meats that are high in fat.

Since each one’s body responds differently to food, you may want to maintain a food dairy. Make a note of everything you eat, and keep track of you your body reacts after eating. This way you will be able to identify those foods that make your condition worse and can easily cut them out of your diet.

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What Foods To Avoid If I Have Crohn' s