Diet For Short Bowel Syndrome

Diet For Short Bowel Syndrome

Short bowel syndrome develops when the small bowel is shorter than it is supposed to be and thus, absorbing nutrients from the intestines poses a problem. Conditions that could lead to the shortening of the small bowel are surgery, disease or a birth abnormality.

A small bowel that is short is unable to function properly, leading to insufficient nutrients and fluids being absorbed from food, and hence, leading to malnutrition or dehydration, both serious health hazards.

Those with short bowel syndrome must follow a particular diet, like increasing the intake of complex carbohydrates by eating a lot of pasta, bread, potatoes, crackers and pretzels, since the body may not be able to tolerate the simple ones well.

The next thing to include in the diet is plenty of fat, with butter, cheese, bacon and olive oil. Tolerance for fat tends to vary from person to person; it is advised that the patient’s cholesterol levels are monitored regularly. An important point to remember during mealtimes is to not fill the stomach with too much water or other drinks. Also, the high calorie foods must be eaten first, followed by the starch and protein, and finally the fruits and vegetables.

There are a few high calorie supplementary fluids that are good for those on a diet for short bowel syndrome, like Carnation Breakfast VHC, SupliMed and Scandishake.

It must be taken into account that those with short bowel syndrome show marked differences in food tolerance. A registered dietician must be consulted so that a diet matching the exact requirement of a patient can be chalked out.

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Diet For Short Bowel Syndrome