Do Thinning Hair Relate To Short Bowel Syndrome ?

Do Thinning Hair Relate To Short Bowel Syndrome ?

Short bowel syndrome develops when the small intestine has been shortened and as a result, is unable to absorb nutrients to the maximum effect. A shortened small bowel can be because of a number of reasons, like disease, the consequence of a surgical procedure or a defect present since birth.

A person may also experience short bowel syndrome due to the presence of a tumor in the body, infection like AIDS, radiation, or some other bowel related problem like dysmotility or sprue.

When short bowel syndrome happens, the shortened small bowel functions poorly, and because of the inadequate absorption of fluids and nutrients, the body suffers from dehydration and severe nutritional loss, sometimes even leading to death.

While the main symptom of short bowel syndrome is diarrhea, others include sever weight loss, abdominal pain, feeling bloated, skin rashes, problems with one’s vision especially when it is dark, feeling extraordinarily tired most of the time, and thinning hair.

The occurrence of short bowel syndrome is often reported after a person has had some kind of surgery of the large or small intestine, like removing some portion of the intestines or some other related problem. Bowel surgery is often performed to cure a few other diseases, and short bowel syndrome may occur after any one of them. Some common reasons why a doctor would perform bowel surgery are to treat Crohn's disease, necrotizing enterocolitis and intestinal atresia. Volvulus, excess body weight and a case of twisted bowels too are reasons for conducting bowel surgery.

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Do Thinning Hair Relate To Short Bowel Syndrome