How Long Do You Live With Cirrhosis Of The Liver

How Long Do You Live With Cirrhosis Of The Liver ?

Cirrhosis is a gradually progressing condition. The early symptoms are very difficult to diagnose.

Using the symptoms like weight loss or gain, bloating and abdominal pain nobody can diagnosis cirrhosis in its early stages. It shows itself up only in the advanced stages. If you and your doctor can diagnose the condition early, then your life expectancy can be increased. Also, liver has a miraculous way of rejuvenating itself from damage if it is detected early.Cirrhosis is mainly caused by lifestyle and habits in several people. Alcohol and smoking, if given up early, can give the liver the chance to recuperate.

If the cirrhosis has advanced to the final stages, then nobody can guarantee how long a person can live. It depends on how long the liver can function. It may be a few months or years. The liver functions as long as the medicines work. If the cirrhosis is caused due to drinking alcohol, then you should give up drinking immediately. The chances of increasing your life expectancy are more. If the condition has been caused due to an autoimmune disorder or disease like Hepatitis C, then doctor would prescribe the right kind of medication for you.

People with cirrhosis also need to follow a diet that is rich with fruits and vegetables. They have to limit their intake of salty foods, oily foods and also sodium. Leading a stress free life with proper exercise and diet one can manage the condition effectively. You have to cope with the limitations of the liver through other means.

It has been seen that 50 percent people with severe cirrhosis caused due to alcoholism live for around 2 years, while 35 percent live for around 5 years.

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How Long Do You Live With Cirrhosis Of The Liver