How Is A Liver Biopsy Performed

How Is A Liver Biopsy Performed ?

A liver biopsy is conducted by doctors to rule out various liver conditions. This could be cancer, jaundice or any kind of liver damage.

It is a simple procedure conducted by doctors in an outpatient clinic. It does involve a small incision under the rib cage because the liver is located there. The patient has to go through a screening procedure to prove that the biopsy is going to be safe for them. Several people, who suffer from liver dysfunction, have various underlying problems like non-clotting of the blood.There are three types of biopsy performed. They are percutaneous, transvenous and laparoscopic. The liver is a very important organ performing functions like removing toxins from the blood, fighting infection, digesting food and also helping the body absorb nutrients and vitamins. It stores energy for the body to use when required. When the liver is facing trouble with performing any of these functions, it is assumed clinically that the liver is diseased. In order to find out what kind of disease is affecting the liver, it is essential to perform the biopsy.

The doctor decides which method to use depending on the patients condition. The percutaneous liver biopsy includes inserting a biopsy needle into the liver so that a small piece of tissue is removed. It is done under the guidance of the CT scan imaging. A local anesthesia is administered to the patient while performing this surgery. The patient has to lie on his or her back with the right hand resting above the head. A small incision is made just under the ribcage and the biopsy needle is inserted. Sometimes, the needle is inserted many times if the samples required are more.

Then the incision is sutured, and the patient is made lie on his or her right side for a period of up to 2 hours to ensure that there is no bleeding. After that, the patient is monitored carefully for another 4 hours, and then sent home.

Transvenous biopsy is used for patients who have a problem with blood clotting or have excessive fluid in the abdomen. In this procedure, a hollow tube is inserted into the jugular vein through a small incision in the neck. Then the tube is directed to the hepatic vein and into the liver. Once in the liver, a biopsy needle is inserted and the liver sample is taken. This procedure is also performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure the patient is closely monitored for around 4 to 6 hours to ensure that there is no bleeding.

Laparoscopic biopsy is used for patients who are suspected of having liver cancer or some liver infection that can spread. It is also used when many samples are required from either one region of the liver or different regions of the liver. In this procedure, the incision is made under the ribcage and a cannula is guided into the abdomen which is expanded through gas. Then through the cannula, the biopsy needle is inserted and the liver sample or samples are taken.

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How Is A Liver Biopsy Performed