How Long Can You Live With Liver Failure

How Long Can You Live With Liver Failure ?

A liver failure is considered as a syndrome where the liver stops functioning properly. It does not mean that it has completely stopped all the functions.

The liver has several functions in the body like making energy for the body, purifying the blood, removing toxins from the blood, making bile for digestion, producing various enzymes that regulate the hormones and so on.All these functions take place in various parts of the liver. So, liver failure is categorized into partial and complete failure. It is also known as chronic and acute failure.

In the case of a chronic liver failure, the liver loses its ability to function slowly and gradually. It may take place over a period of several years. The person may also develop various symptoms over a period of time. Towards the advanced stages of chronic liver failure, the person experiences stronger symptoms. A prolonged exposure to harmful industrial chemicals, cirrhosis, alcohol, cancer, malnutrition, fatty liver disease and ignored viral hepatitis can cause chronic liver failure.

Acute liver failure can be caused due to poisoning or a sudden overdose of certain medications. Aspirin and acetaminophen overdose can be potent for the liver. These types of conditions can take over the liver completely not giving it a chance to purify the blood and also causing it to cease. In the case of acute liver failure, person may not live beyond 48 hours. The doctors can do very little to save a person who has acute liver failure. The symptoms are severe abdominal pain and vomiting.

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How Long Can You Live With Liver Failure