What Causes Liver Failure

What Causes Liver Failure ?

There are several causes for liver failure. Some are caused by habits and lifestyle, while some are caused by infections.

Liver failure is a condition in which a large part of the liver is damaged. This can happen gradually or it can be a case of acute failure. In either case, the problem develops over a period of time.A healthy liver will never fail suddenly. Acute liver failure which develops over a few hours is very rare. It can happen in cases of extreme poisoning or an overdose of medications like acetaminophen and aspirin. In such cases, immediate medical attention can help save the patient's life. Otherwise, the most common causes of liver failure are chronic in nature.

There are several causes of liver failure. Viral infections like hepatitis A, B or C can cause it. However, these infections also take time to progress, and show several symptoms. One of the most common symptoms is jaundice. These infections usually get detected before they progress.

Long term alcohol consumption in excess can eventually lead to complete liver damage. The person may experience symptoms like swelling in the legs on and off, but these symptoms will recur as the liver is getting more damaged.

Conditions like cirrhosis, hemachromatosis and cancer can cause permanent damage to the liver. However, when these conditions are detected early, the damage to the liver can be stopped. Malnutrition or poor nutrition can cause liver damage. This commonly happens in children and when they have not been fed properly.

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What Causes Liver Failure