Basic First Aid Instructions

Basic First Aid Instructions

First aid is an essential part of life and every person should know it for their own good. It comes handy when a person is driving or at home cooking, cleaning or just about doing anything. Before a person goes to hospital, they can do several things at home to avoid complications and that is why first aid is very important in our daily lives.

For people who have children the first aid and safety need is straight away doubled. There are different types of first aid for different types of injuries and one should be prepared for everything.

For burns, depending on the severity, people should take appropriate precautions while the medical help arrives. For minor burns, any off the shelf medications like creams and ointments will work. The burnt area needs to be washed and cleaned with cold water and then the medicine can be applied gently. For more severe burns, first call 911 and then open up the clothes only.

For minor cuts and scrapes, you can clean the wound by washing it with antiseptic or a spirit based cleaned. Then you can apply an antibiotic cream or other simple creams to relieve the pain. For severe cuts that need stitches, you only have to clean them with spirit based solution and rush the person to the hospital.

In order to stop bleeding, one should try keeping the area tight by tying it up with a cloth or bandage or put lot of cotton on the bleeding area and press it down.

Keeping a well planned first aid kit always comes in handy.

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Basic First Aid Instructions