How To Give First Aid For Burns

How To Give First Aid For Burns

Whenever a human skin comes in contact with a high temperature anything above 49 degree Celsius the condition is termed as burn. Burn mostly happens accidentally and generally children and elderly fall into its prey because of less carefulness. In the US, annually 1.25 million people get some or other kind of burns; and out of these at least 60,000 to 80,000 require immediate medical assistance and hospitalization.

A burn in medical terms has been categorized into four major groups. They are as follows:

First Degree Burn - This type of burn is indicated by a reddening of the skin. In this kind of burn, only the uppermost part of the skin is affected. The burn gets healed very quickly and the skin that has been burnt peels off after few days giving rise to new skin. The most common type of this burn is the sunburn

Second Degree Burn - These are burns that penetrate the upper layers of the skin and cause blisters. However, these kinds of burn generally heal with leaving very few scars.

Third Degree Burn - It affects the inner most layers of the skin and requires specialized treatment and skin grafts. The skin seems to be charred and thinned, and sometimes bones get exposed.

Electrical Burns - An electric burn causes internal damage and needs an immediate medical assistance.

A burn is always associated with lots of pain and discomfort be it a minor burn or major. The minor burn can result in mild pain, headache or fever, whereas 2nd and 3rd degree burns can have severe complications like shock, reduced blood pressure and fast pulse. Burns cause open wounds, which are more prone to infection from bacteria. If anytime a wound because of burn gets infected, it should be treated with antibiotics.

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How To Give First Aid For Burns