Can Wrist Bones Be Broken With No Swelling ?

Can Wrist Bones Be Broken With No Swelling ?

The scaphoid fracture is the type of fracture of a wrist bone which just results in a pain that many people think is just a sprain of the wrist. There may be very little amount of swelling or even no swelling on the hand. There may not be any significant display of deformity.

Hence, the diagnosis may delay by weeks or even months as the patient would tend to overlook the pain.

Generally, this fracture occurs when you fall with an outstretched hand. To detect the fracture, an x-ray needs to be taken. Even in this case, the fracture may not show up in the first x-ray. If the initial fracture is too small, it may only show at a later stage. A better test to diagnose this broken bone is to take a bone scan which can be taken anytime after 3 days of the injury.

The severity of this fracture may vary as the ligament may or may not be damaged. The location where the bone breaks also determines the amount of time it may take to heal. If the patient has to wear plaster for healing, adequate care should be taken on the movement of thumb, shoulders and fingers to prevent stiffness and also aid in healing faster.

After removing the plaster, the patient has to undergo therapeutic exercises to restore normal movement. This is done using Hand Therapy Balls, Therapeutic Putty and also Finger Strengtheners which help in strengthening the muscles around the wrist and bring down any swelling.

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Can Wrist Bones Be Broken With No Swelling