Do Walking Casts Help Broken Bones Heal ?

Do Walking Casts Help Broken Bones Heal ?

A walking cast looks like a rigid boot and is worn and covers from the toes right up to the muscles situated just below the knee. It is better to consult a doctor before choosing whether or not to wear a walking cast as it depends on the nature of the fracture and the amount it has healed so far.

Walking cast does not assist in diverting the weight away from the fractured portion of the bone. If you have a broken bone at the ankle or shin, when you walk with that leg, you need to withstand the forces that the fractured part goes through irrespective of whether you wear the walking cast. Unless, the fracture has healed to a certain extent, it is not advisable to use the leg for walking as it may delay the healing process. But when the leg goes through adequate healing and can bear your weight when you start practicing walking, the cast protects re-fracture of the bone.

Before you start walking with the cast, you need to make sure that it is hard and dry. If the walking cast is made of plaster, it may even take two to three days to heal before you can confidently walk with it. In case of fiberglass, you may start using it within an hour.

As with any cast, walking casts should also be protected from water. You should not pull the padding out at any circumstances. Do not trim the rough edges on your own. Consult your doctor if there is any discomfort, itchiness, cracks or rashes.

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Do Walking Casts Help Broken Bones Heal