How Bones Are Broken ?

How Bones Are Broken ?

Bones break when they cannot withstand a sudden huge external pressure exerted on them. Bones are one form of connective tissues held together strongly by the bone cells and calcium content for binding. The blood cells are present in the marrow which is the softer central part.

Bones help in protecting the vulnerable organs and also assist in support and bodily movements.

Bone fractures are of various types and complexities. They depend on the direction of force, the exact bone that is involved in fracture, the person’s age, health and also the psychological determination to come back to normalcy soon. Some of the common fractures occur at the hip, ankle and wrist. Typically, these fractures take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks for complete healing.

Some of the common symptoms of a bone fracture includes extreme pain, deformity, swelling, non-coordinated movements of that part of the body, inability to use certain limbs and bruising.

There are various types of bone fractures. Greenstick fracture, common among children, results in a small crack. In the case of comminute fracture, the bone shatters to small pieces and takes a long time to heal. Closed and open fractures determine whether the bone has pierced through the skin. Pathological fracture occurs due to the brittleness and weakening of bones with age. Compression fracture occurs if two bones force against each other and break (e.g. vertebrae fracture).

The bone fractures may be diagnosed by X-rays, MRI scans and CT scans. Complications of bone fracture may result in blood loss, organ injuries or growth problems after breaking.

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How Bones Are Broken