What Food Is Causing Salmonella Poisoning Right Now ?

What Food Is Causing Salmonella Poisoning Right Now ?

There are several types of foods like fruits, vegetables, poultry products that can cause salmonella poisoning. However, right now there is an increasing number of salmonella poisoning cases and in many of them the culprit is tomatoes.

Many people who have consumed tomatoes are falling sick with salmonella poisoning symptoms.

The symptoms of food poisoning and salmonella poisoning are same more or less and only through a blood test it can be determines what kind of food poisoning a person has had. Pathogenic bacteria are the only type that can cause infections in the digestive track. Peanut butter also has been a big reason for several cases of salmonella food poisoning. However the problem was with one specific batch of peanut butter product that was causing the food poisoning.

Many people eat tomatoes in a raw manner as a part of salad or juice. Salmonella bacteria can easily be found in vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber and other fresh fruits also. Right now in the United State more than 16 states have reported the problem of salmonella food poisoning and most of them have had tomatoes to eat. Many tomatoes are grown in Texas and California and investigations are being conducted if the source of the salmonella bacteria is from the tomatoes that are being grown here.  Even some states have reported that dry fruits like pistachios are causing salmonella poisoning. Actually food poisoning can occur from any food source and a person cannot stop eating all of them. However while there is an epidemic like situation it is best to eat completely cooked food and avoid raw food including vegetables.

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What Food Is Causing Salmonella Poisoning Right Now