What Is The Cure For Food Poisoning ?

What Is The Cure For Food Poisoning ?

The most common symptoms of food poisoning are diarrhea, fever, chills, abdominal cramps, headaches and dehydration. Usually many people have a severe loss of appetite because of continuous vomiting and diarrhea. Eating is not an option for them while they have the infection.

There are several types of bacteria which are pathogenic in nature that cause food poisoning. Some of the symptoms of food poisoning can be cured by giving care at home. However, in order to treat the infection effectively one has to go to the physician and get a prescription of antibiotics. It usually does not require the person to be hospitalized in most cases and only when the dehydration is severe the person is hospitalized. If the diarrhea has lasted for more than 2 days and the fever is increasing within 48 hours then they should be taken to the emergency room immediately.

Otherwise the most common treatment starts with antibiotics and a medicine for vomiting and fever. Also the person is prescribed electrolyte solution and simple food to eat. However, one can start eating solids only after the diarrhea has subsided because any solids a person eats, is expelled out of the body through vomiting and diarrhea. Rice, breads, potatoes and toasts are the only kind of foods that are allowed when a person has food poisoning. In cases where the food poisoning is severe, hospitalization is required and the food from the stomach is expelled through enema. This procedure is done by giving local anesthetics.

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What Is The Cure For Food Poisoning