What Kind Of Disease Is Food Poisoning ?

What Kind Of Disease Is Food Poisoning ?

Food poisoning is not a serious type of disease and it is just an occurrence caused due to bacteria. It is like flu for example and is not progressive in nature or a lifetime condition. Bacterial infections may last for a brief period of time but if they are left untreated, then the infection could become fatal.

In spite of not being a serious disorder food poisoning can endanger lives. Food poisoning is a food borne illness occurring in one out of five people every year in the United States. It is the most common type of infection to affect people and is mostly caused due to unhygienic reasons. Food poisoning cannot be counted as a digestive disorder either and it is clearly caused due to an infection of bacteria. There are several bacteria’s that live along with us in our on environment and are capable of causing food poisoning in people.

The episodes of food poisoning might increase when the weather is extremely hot. However bacteria breeds anywhere and at anytime and this can occur though food items at any time during the year. Some of the bacteria that cause food poisoning are E.Coli, Campylobacter, salmonella, and calicivirus. All these are found in human feces and extremely dirty places. These bacteria can find their way to digestive system through water also. If the drain water and the drinking water are getting mixed, then the chances of food poisoning are high. However, it is not possible to differentiate food or water through taste because of the presence of this bacterium.

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What Kind Of Disease Is Food Poisoning