Do Fashion Designers Receive Medical And Dental Coverage ?

Do Fashion Designers Receive Medical And Dental Coverage ?

Fashion designers are people who design clothes and accessories and are associated with the fashion industry. Most people in this industry work independently and they would need to take care of their own insurance needs whether it is for health or a dental coverage plan.

Some big clothing lines also employ fashion designers and in spite of their job profile, they are treated like any other employee.

People who are fashion designers and are enrolled with big companies get dental coverage and medical insurance from their employers. Fashion designing as a career can be highly paid and if the person is successful they can make a lot of money. However, in this industry there are several kinds of segments like some designers operate through consultation and enroll companies on their list similar to the nature of a freelancer. Some designers come out with their own clothing line and work on their own terms.

Some fashion designers work for marketing labels and other big fashion designers. The whole idea of providing insurance to people with such varied job profiles depends on the nature of contract they hold with their employer. If they work as a full time employee in any garment company which is involved in manufacturing clothes, then legally the fashion designer needs to be provided insurance in spite of their regular salary. Seldom do fashion designers work as salaried employees because it is like restricting themselves from their creative side of the job. Garment companies usually have a tough time seeking an individual who could work with them as an employee. Any fashion designer would earn much more as a consultant than being an employee.

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Do Fashion Designers Receive Medical And Dental Coverage