What Is The Future Of Individual Health Insurance ?

What Is The Future Of Individual Health Insurance ?

Individual health insurance is for people who are single and they can either get insurance only for them based on their health profile or depend on their employer provided insurance plan.

There are several kinds of insurance plans like the individual health care, employer provided group insurance plans, family insurance plans, and some people in the United State have no insurance itself.

There is a huge demand for health care and also insurance plans but they are not affordable anymore. There have been several job lay offs, cuts, bankruptcies and under these circumstances health insurance has become a burden for people. People who lose their jobs also lose benefits like health care insurances that were provided by their employer. Due to such job cuts the demand for individual insurance plan is also on the rise. Even when it comes to a married couple if one person loses his or her job, then that person is force to choose individual insurance plan because they are no longer covered by their employer.

There is no doubt that the costs of health care has to go down and it has to be made affordable and within reach for people. The rate at which people are losing their jobs the individual health insurance is also becoming more popular. However, there are a very few companies who are offering individual health care plans like Cigna for example. There was no such plan earlier because the need was not felt. However, as the circumstances are changing for them now they is a growing need for newer plans that suit people’s needs.

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What Is The Future Of Individual Health Insurance